Video Editing Software

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I created this website originally as a source of information on video editing software strictly from the viewpoint of the consumer or home movie making software enthusiast.

I started this site over five years ago and my main aim for the site has always been to try and cut through as much of the techno jargon and marketing fluff as I could so that the average person could make an informed choice of movie making software.

As a moderator and active participant on many of the well known software forums relating to video editing, I have had firsthand experience in seeing the frustrations the average person can go through in trying to make a good choice of software.

Unfortunately over time the site has become unwieldy and difficult to mange as just a one man band.

In an effort to streamline things I have moved the entire contents of the site as well as those of my blog to:

Sorry about the inconvenience but my wife was getting a bit nutso on the subject!!!